Front-End/Back-End Web and Application Consulting

We provide professional Web, Mobile Web, Application and Database Consulting


Looking for a friendly, skilled and efficent solution?

CIRE Consulting delivers expertise and resources for companies to maximize their Internet advantage through integrated technology and custom solutions tailored to their business needs.

Our clients obtain expert services from start to finish - we build the site structure, create the look-and-feel, program applications,develop Web pages, test and launch. We are experts in a vast range of Web Development technologies such as: XHTML, HTML5, Javascript, JQuery, PHP, ASP(.NET), SQL.

We also offer custom application devleopment for in-house tracking, and reporting applications - e.g., Client Tracking, Inventory Tracking, Job Tracking Apps, Time Card Apps, etc.

Ask us about how to turn your Web and Mobile Web site into a distinctive Internet presence, converting target audience into paying customers, and saving costs while streamlining operations.

  • Tools

    • Eclipse
    • vi
    • Dreamweaver
    • Netbeans
    • Visual Studios
  • Environments

    • *Unix
    • Mac OSX
    • Windows
  • Languages

    • English
    • Tech-jargon


Selected works

    Front-End and Back-End development in Semantic HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP5 (Zend)

  • Yahoo, Inc - Wallet

    Front-End Mobile Web development in Semantic HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP5

  • Yahoo, Inc - Movies Mobile

    Front-End Mobile Web development in HTML5, MUI, Javascript, CSS3

  • Yahoo, Inc - Advertising

    Front-End development in YUI, Javascript

  • Palm, Inc - Developer Portal

    Back-End development in Joomla, PHP5, MySQL

  • Stanford Univ, School of Engr.

    Front-End migration and Back-End database development

  • Pure Smoke

    Custom Front-End ecommerce development ontop of OpenCart(LAMP)

  • Ebeanstalk

    Custom Front-End and Back-End ecommerce development in PHP5, MySQL

  • Solanova

    Custom Front-End and Back-End ecommerce development in PHP5, MySQL

  • Gilbert Guide

    Back-end development in PHP5, MySQL, Javascript

  • Gifting Nav

    Back-end development in PHP5, MySQL

  • The SF Advertiser

    Back-end development in PHP5, MySQL

  • Videology

    Back-end development in PHP5, MySQL

  • The Armenian Church

    Back-end custom content management tool development in PHP5, MySQL

  • Legarza Basketball

    Back-end ecommerce development in JSP, MySQL

  • Silver Source

    Back-end oscommerce development in PHP, MySQL

  • Bellermine College Prep

    Back-end student/parent management system development in PHP, MySQL


Some of the services I offer...
  • Web Design / Front-End

    • JQuery Mobile / MUI / Mobile Web
    • JQuery / YUI / Javascript
    • HTML5 / CSS3
    • XHTML / CSS
    • Semantic HTML
    • Website Design
    • Flash
    • Photography
    • Blogging & Social Media
    • SEO (Search Engine Optimization )
  • Back-End

    • PHP5
    • JSP
    • ASP.NET
    • Ruby on Rails
    • MySQL
    • MSSQL
    • Filemaker
    • Access
  • Example of Services

    • Custom Web / Mobile Web Development
    • Ecommerce Development and Fulfillment
    • Content Management Solutions
    • Mobile Application Stores
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Website Speed Optimization
    • Payment Gateway Integration - Paypal,, Verisign
    • Cybersource export screening, denied party list, address verification
    • Google Maps API integration
    • AJAX-heavy Development

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